Thursday, November 29, 2012

Machine Art.


I'm writing my dissertation at the moment and have come across the concept of machine art. My initial response is that machines cannot produce art because the necessary thought and awareness that creativity involves does not come into play with machines. They are programmed to do things rather than being involved in their own creative process.

So, only a very brief post, but what do you think about machines creating art? Yay or nay?

This picture is the result of a drawing machine made by Henrik Menne, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Helloooo! Welcome to my new blog :D

Hey peeps!
I’ve decided to start up a new blog that is directly linked to my crafty makes and my Etsy Shop, CyndraArts.
I’ll try to get in the habit of updating posts regularly and they’ll be a mix of my crafty bits and bobs, other peoples’ crafty bits and bobs, and some general lifey stuffs in there too.
So for my first post, I’m just going to give you a little info about me and what I do.
I’ve always loved artyness, and a few years ago just after I finished sixth form I found polymer clay. I saw it in a shop having never heard of it before and thought it was brilliant that I could make my own beads! I bought a few blocks and left the shop very happy. My first beads were made that evening. Here’s some of my first ever beads. I don’t seem to have my actual first ones photographed. They were ‘interesting’ to say the least :)

It all progressed from there. I set up my page on facebook,
Kayleigh’s Craftyness, and started posting photos of the things I was making and received some lovely comments in return :)
I loved to make beads and my style progressed over the next 3 or so years and I had a lot of fun developing that style and meeting lovely people along the way. As you can see, I've been working on my photography as well as my style!

Earlier this year, I was persuaded by the crazy (but brilliant) bunch over on the Craft Pimp forum to open up an Etsy shop and it really is fun to see my things in an online shop looking all professional.

The biggest issue for me was thinking of the perfect shop name, and I found it by taking inspiration from my Grandmothers’ names. I really hope they look down on me and love the name knowing that I still think about them a lot even though I barely knew either of them.
More on what I do:

I still love polymer clay, it’s such an amazing medium to work in. But over the last few months I have been using a new material, a type of plastic that looks like dichroic glass and I am loving it! Here’s an example of some earrings that didn’t quite make it to the Etsy shop because I nabbed them for myself!

Over the next few months I’d love to integrate the two mediums along with glass hopefully and whatever else I fancy bunging in there :) This craftyness all comes in between trying to get my degree. I am at UEA in Norwich and in my final year, currently writing my dissertation on Philosophy of Art. Had to bring my artyness into my degree somehow didn’t I?
I think that is a good basis to start with. As I write more and more posts I’m sure you’ll get more of an insight into me and I really hope you enjoy seeing some fun stuffs, reading some ramble and getting to know me a bit more.
Have a smiley day!
Kayleigh xx