Thursday, November 29, 2012

Machine Art.


I'm writing my dissertation at the moment and have come across the concept of machine art. My initial response is that machines cannot produce art because the necessary thought and awareness that creativity involves does not come into play with machines. They are programmed to do things rather than being involved in their own creative process.

So, only a very brief post, but what do you think about machines creating art? Yay or nay?

This picture is the result of a drawing machine made by Henrik Menne, 2007


  1. I suppose it's like mathematical art, or art in nature like Fibonacci and fractals, I think they are beautiful but then I was in love with my Spirograph as a kid :-)

    1. Ooh spirograph was brilliant! Until you got too excited and ended up with a ugly black line across the prettiness!

      With machines, I guess it can be considered as some type of art but I don't think it's art with any creativity behind it as surely creativity is a human quality?