Monday, July 08, 2013

1000 Liker Giveawayyyyy!

A few days ago I reached 1000 likers on my facebook page, woooooo! Very excited!

Thank you to all you lovely people have joined me on my page since I started it up, it means a lot to know that people enjoy my work :D

And now for the giveaway details.

Because this is a mahoosive milestone I will be offering two prizes - the first is a Cedric Sheeep in the colour of your choice, and the second is a colourful dinosaur, also in your choice of colour :D

To enter the giveaway, first you need to let me know which draw you would like to be entered into - the sheep or the dinosaur. You can enter both :D

For an extra entry, head over to my facebook page, Kayleigh's Craftyness, and share the post pinned to the top of the page (and let me know you've shared as facebook doesn't always tell me who has!)

And lastly, for another entry, like the same post pinned to the top of my page :)


You have until 7pm on Friday 12th July to enter and I will draw the winners very soon after.

Go go go! :D

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Giveaway Winner!!

Morning all!

I was meant to announce the winner yesterday but somehow completely forgot - plonker!

Thank you all for entering my giveaway, I'm chuffed that so many of you entered, and chuffed that I'm past 800 likers on my Facebook page, woooo! The next giveaway will be at the big 1000! How exciting :D

So, you had the chance to win a custom Cedric Sheeeep in this giveaway and who is the lucky winner?

The winner is...


Claire, if you could message me your address and the two colours you would like your Cedric to have as soon as poss, that would be great!

Congratulations :D

Monday, May 20, 2013

800 Likers = Giveaway Time!!

Yesterday evening I reached the 800 liker milestone over on my Facebook page, yay!

Wow everyone, you are all brilliant!

Only a couple of weeks ago I sent off the last giveaway prize which was to celebrate having reached 700 likers on Facebook and now I am celebrating reaching 800 likers!

I'm really really proud of my little page and I love the fact that it is growing and I get to make more people happy and smiley with my work.

Anyways, getting to the giveaway details - As some of you may have seen, I have been making some sheeeeeps over the last couple of weeks. They have gone down a storm and so I will be offering a custom made Cedric Sheep as the giveaway prize :)

You will have the chance to pick two colours for your Cedric, and also whether you would like him to be a pendant or a brooch :) And who wouldn't want the chance to win one of these colourful sheeps? They are so much fun and bound to add a smile to your day :D

So, how can you win?
You have a chance to get four entries into the draw.
1. Comment on this blog post.
2. Like the post pinned to the top of my Facebook page, Kayleigh's Craftyness.
3. Share the post pinned to the top of my Facebook page :) (Please let me know in the comments below the facebook post if you have shared, different privacy settings may not allow me to see all those who have shared)
4. Tweet this: Fun custom Cedric Sheep giveaway over at @CyndraArts :D - Click the link to see how you can win!

There you go! I will be away for a few days over the bank holiday so you have until the 30th May to enter! GO GO GO!
Edited to add: Could you leave your name and pages with your comment please? I'm struggling to match names to oages and it's all getting a bit confuzzling, hehe!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Giveaway Winner!!

Good evening everyone!

My giveaway winner has now been decided with the help of :D

Drum roll please.........

The winner is......


Well done to you Jenni! If you could message me on facebook, or email me at with your address and our preference of summer or autumn colours for your tree pendant I will get it made and sent off to you as soon as possible :D

Congratulations :D

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Giveaway Time!

Hey peeps!

As a celebration for reaching 700 likers on my Facebook page I am doing a giveaway :D

Firstly, what you can win - a gooooorgeous tree pendant like these in either summer or autumn colours (it is up to the winner!)

Very prettiful :D

Now, how can you win?
You have a chance to get three entries into the draw.
1. Comment on this blog post.
2. Share the post pinned to the top of my Facebook page, Kayleigh's Craftyness.
3. Tweet this: Gorgeous handmade tree pendant giveaway at @CyndraArts :D - Click the link to see how you can win!

There you go, a possible three entries per person.
you have until the end of next Tuesday (30th April) to enter :D

Go go go! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26th March 2013 :) - PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

Firstly, apologies for no post in a while, it was a mixture of being busy doing not very interesting stuff, not having anything interesting to blog about, and being worried about said driving test.

But I passed!!!!!! Wooooooo!

So now I can quite worrying about it, celebrate tomorrow with a pizza lunch date with my lovely man, and get on with essay writing. Ok, so the last bit of that isn't overly interesting, but it needs to be done and only a few more weeks left to go.

One thing I have been doing is trying to find some craft fairs to do. I now have three, almost four, confirmed, and another few nearer Christmas in the works. So that is very exciting and I will give you more details when everything is confirmed and sorted completely. Definitely looking forward to taking part in fairs again as I haven't done one in a while :)

I'll try to keep posting regularly over the next few days but my lovely man is coming down for a few days tomorrow so I probably won't be able to post every day.

As a little crafty thing to finish off, here's my first attempt at a paper cut. It think it went quite well really :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22nd 2013 :) - Cabochons

Just realised I forgot to blog earlier today! I've been pretty busy I guess which is why I forgot.

I spent the day in the library which was pretty boring but got lots of reading done. And I got there at 8.30 this morning, too early to be studying for my liking! But oh well, got some work done so that is pretty handy.

Had a busy evening photographing cabochons, answering questions for an online magazine feature (More to come on that sooooon!), and carrying on making my colourful seed bead bouquet. It still only consists of one flower, but got five more ready to make up tomorrow. Can't wait to get some of the colours together :D

Now for the main point of this post - cabochons! These are what I have been working on recently. I was challenged by a lady called Sam to make her some fun and large-ish cabochons. I'd never made any before so it really was a challenge to get them to work.

I started off with polymer clay, but didn't like the way those turned out so started again by covering some ultra light clay in plastic. This worked sooo much better! Have a look at these beauties which will all be on their way to their new home very very soon :) I can't decide which is my favourite... which is yours?