Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26th March 2013 :) - PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!

Firstly, apologies for no post in a while, it was a mixture of being busy doing not very interesting stuff, not having anything interesting to blog about, and being worried about said driving test.

But I passed!!!!!! Wooooooo!

So now I can quite worrying about it, celebrate tomorrow with a pizza lunch date with my lovely man, and get on with essay writing. Ok, so the last bit of that isn't overly interesting, but it needs to be done and only a few more weeks left to go.

One thing I have been doing is trying to find some craft fairs to do. I now have three, almost four, confirmed, and another few nearer Christmas in the works. So that is very exciting and I will give you more details when everything is confirmed and sorted completely. Definitely looking forward to taking part in fairs again as I haven't done one in a while :)

I'll try to keep posting regularly over the next few days but my lovely man is coming down for a few days tomorrow so I probably won't be able to post every day.

As a little crafty thing to finish off, here's my first attempt at a paper cut. It think it went quite well really :)

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  1. Well done Kayleigh x and fab paper cutting, I like that alot x