Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March 6th 2013 :)

I looooved the sun yesterday! Did you all get to see some sun?

I had a driving lesson first thing which went well, and I ended up in town doing some shopping :) Was such a lovely day that I could have walked all day and been happy :) As it was, after my trek round town, hobbycraft and back home my legs were not happy! I was sooo achey!

But it was worth it - I got a pretty Faber Castell silver pen and a glittery black Sakura pen which are so much fun! I do love a bit of sparkle :)

Once I was back, I started on my memory book. I've completed two pages so far, and made a start on the third. I've had to stop there though as I need to wait for my photos to come through the post. I'm really pleased with it so far though! Normally if I start something like this it never looks right so I never get very far with it. I've put a lot of thought into this one though because I want it to be 'me' and just right. Oooh maybe I'll put together a post of how I went about sorting mine out. You never know, some of you might find it useful :)

Today I really need to do some sort of damage control in my room. It actually looks like a bomb has hit it. Any tips on how to fit about three rooms worth of stuff into one room? Or just how to keep this one very cluttered room tidy, that would work too! Hehe!

On with the day hey? And lets hope for some more sun :)

Picture found here.

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