Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 21st 2013 :)

How on earth is it possible for my room to have got out of hand AGAIN? I hate having a messy room yet I always let it get out of control.

It's as soon as I get my crafty stuff out. Then chaos happens and I end up trying to do work in a space about 6 inches square!

A quick blitz will have to go on my to do list for today :)

Yesterday was pretty successful! I got a bunch of stuff done, and did two and half hours in the library where I actually managed to read and understand a whole article, and I figured out how it will relate to my essay. Huge relief! I need to attempt to read the other paper today, and also got other uni reading to do.

After I successfully did uni work, I came back, watched Hairspray (Have you seen it? It's very colourful and happy and just a bit of fun really! It took 2 weeks to arrive, silly post! But it was worth it when it did arrive.), and carried on with the cabochons I've been making. They're going really well and are about to enter the final stage of their creation, hehe! Had a bit of a setback, but I figured out how to get around it.

After I did a bit on those, I started making a very colourful french beaded flower bouquet :) After I made the one for my mum, I decided I would like to make a really colourful one. So I bought some pink, orange, yellow and blue beads and got started on the pink flowers while watching The Holiday (One of my favourite films! I think I must watch it at least once a month and I don't think I could ever get bored of it. If you haven't watched it and you're a fan of happy, chick flicky type films, you definitely need to see it!). I got petals for three flowers made, and one flower completely finished. I don't think one flower quite makes a bouquet, but it's a start :D

Happy Thursday everyone, nearly the weekend!

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