Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20th 2013 :)

Yesterday was pretty hectic. I made a to do list and told myself I wasn't allowed to make anything until I'd done everything on the list. So I actually knuckled down and did everything on the list, including spending a very boring but productive three hours in the library.

It was actually quite nice to get some stuff done. I've been finding it really hard to concentrate on uni work since, well since I started uni really! But my motivation has got worse as uni as gone on, and now the end is in sight my motivation seems to be at an all time low! So to actually get some work done made me feel like I'd achieved something. Now I just need to do the same again today!

After the boring stuff was done I was able to carry on with the cabochons that I've been challenged to make. They're looking pretty funky at the moment. I've got three on their way to being done but they need to be sealed so I can't show you yet! But when they're all shiny and finished I will definitely show you. I hope you'll like them :)

So today's challenge to myself is to read at least one article, if not two. I'd like to spend another three hours in the library and get as much read as possible.

I just wish the library looked like this!

Picture from here.

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