Monday, March 11, 2013

9th - 11th March 2013 :)

I had such a lovely weekend with my other half :) We had fish and chips on Friday and went to Norwich Castle and Pizza Express on Saturday.

And look what treats he brought me!

Thorntons scrummage! A box of caramelly melty goodness, and a bag full of smiles, perfect! Now I just have to try not  to scoff them, hehehe!

We decided to go to Norwich Castle as I figured I should probably do some of  the touristy stuffs while living here. We managed to go on the only day where it was free entry for 16-24 year olds! They had some events going on which meant we got free entry. It was pretty cool! The castle was surprisingly small itself, but it also has lots of galleries and museum rooms to look round too. I always love the Anglo Saxon and Roman coin hauls, and I like stuff to do with Boudicea too :) They even had a skeleton and two mummies!

And if you haven't been to Pizza Express I highly recommend it! Their pizzas are simply delicious. I could eat them every day, om nom nom nom.

So despite the absolutely appalling yucky weather we had a lovely weekend chatting, eating, and sight seeing.

How was your weekend?


  1. Do you know, my MIL lives in Norwich and I have never visited the castle, I really must, I love castles and stately homes, I meet up with a friend from Essex and we tour the country, well visit the odd old house, but its great fun, even Windsor in the pouring rain was fun. Sounds like a fab weekend :D

    1. It is quite a diddy castle but if you like going to see those kinds of things you'd definitely like it :D