Monday, March 04, 2013

A quick look back on the first week of my fresh start :)

It's been a very interesting week since I started posting everyday, full of ups and downs. It's been hard to stay positive at some points as I do get so down about things, and once I feel down it's really hard to become positive again.

But I really should remember to look at all possibilities before letting something affect my mood, things aren't always as bad as they seem, and there might be ways around them!

Lots of good stuff has happened too in the last week, and now I have this blog to read back through and remind myself that things aren't all bad :)

One of the best bits has been learning a new crafty skill in order to make my mum's Mother's Day present (which I spent all afternoon on yesterday :D ) and simple things like this make me happy.

So I just need to keep slogging through my uni course, not long left now, and that will be another hurdle jumped. After that, it's one less thing to be negative about leaving me lots of room to be positive about something else.

Making things really does keep me sane, so I should probably carry on doing that too :D

    Picture found here. 

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