Thursday, March 07, 2013

March 7th 2013 :)

Today I need to do some actual work, rather than making stuff. Maybe I can make stuff later but really need to get reading done first.

I quite fancy going for a wander too, so I'm hoping the grey skies will clear up just a tad :)

My other possible mission for the day is to get my sewing machine out. I am already dreading it - sewing machines never do what I want them to and have a tendency to blow up when I'm using them!

Yesterday was pretty productive. Finished mum's Mother's Day present, and it's looking really pretty, can't wait to put photos up! But she's not coming to visit until a week on Sunday so I can't put photos up til then unfortunately.

Til then, I shall continue to bore you with tales about my memory book, and uni work! I'd like to put up some photos of the memory book to show you how I'm going about it, but I have to wait for photos to be delivered first so I can do a bit more to it.

I better get on with the Nietzsche reading - it's on nihilism so I'm hoping it's not going to depress me too much! Wish me luck, for the reading and the sewing machine! Hehe!

Have a good day everyone!

Baby Mooooose!

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