Friday, March 08, 2013

March 8th 2013 :) - Sewing disaster?

I decided to get the sewing machine out yesterday to attempt to turn up some trousers, and to make a little something else, a present for someone so I can't show you yet. I seem to be saying that a lot don't I? I promise you will see these presents eventually, after they've been given to their peeps :)

So the present went well really. It's cute :)

And getting on to the trousers...These are what I had to turn up

They're so cute! The bears are all different and they're so funny to look at. I love my comfy trousers, so good to craft in because they're so comfortable :D But I also have very ickle legs and I needed to turn these up by a good 5 inches so that I wasn't tripping over them.

I have issues with sewing machines. They never seem to do what I want them to. The first leg went well, perfect actually. The second leg did not go as well. Half the leg sewed fine, the other half only sewed on one side. I never understand why it does it and I get really frustrated. Although it didn't sew properly it seems to be doing the trick at the moment so I'm going to leave it and if it decides to undo I'll redo it properly.

I might not be able to put up a post tomorrow. My other half is coming down to see me for the weekend and we're going to do some Norwich sightseeing. I figure I've been at uni here for nearly three years, I need to see some of the touristy things!

I hope you all have a good weekend :D I'll leave you with a black bear to go with my comfies :D

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