Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22nd 2013 :) - Cabochons

Just realised I forgot to blog earlier today! I've been pretty busy I guess which is why I forgot.

I spent the day in the library which was pretty boring but got lots of reading done. And I got there at 8.30 this morning, too early to be studying for my liking! But oh well, got some work done so that is pretty handy.

Had a busy evening photographing cabochons, answering questions for an online magazine feature (More to come on that sooooon!), and carrying on making my colourful seed bead bouquet. It still only consists of one flower, but got five more ready to make up tomorrow. Can't wait to get some of the colours together :D

Now for the main point of this post - cabochons! These are what I have been working on recently. I was challenged by a lady called Sam to make her some fun and large-ish cabochons. I'd never made any before so it really was a challenge to get them to work.

I started off with polymer clay, but didn't like the way those turned out so started again by covering some ultra light clay in plastic. This worked sooo much better! Have a look at these beauties which will all be on their way to their new home very very soon :) I can't decide which is my favourite... which is yours?

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