Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25th 2013.

Ello again :)

Well I literally just posted about my fresh start, so now it is time to start living up to it! No point in putting it off, it needs to become part of a routine.

I don't know how often these posts will come, probably more often in the start and then get less, but hopefully I can keep them often and regular. Maybe even everyday would help me get in the routine.

Today is just a 'What I need to do today' post, so hopefully I can come back tomorrow and tick off everything I needed to do.

So I guess a start to the day would be to get dressed so I can pop to the shop. I had a really icky weekend full of a coldy flu-ey thing so I definitely need to go out and get some fresh air, even if it does look completely miserable.

Next is to write about 1000 words of my essay. This will be tough. I'm not enjoying it and finding it really hard work to keep focused and motivated. I think I'll just put on a film, type up what I've already got written and do my best to keep away from past seasons of CSI, Youtube, and eBay (I do love eBay!).

Those are my two main goals of the day. Fresh air and essay. I might even freshen up the mices tank later if I get these 1000 words written :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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