Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27th 2013 :)

Yesterday was quite a good day really :)

I didn't get as much written on my essay as hoped but that's ok. It'll be a squeeze getting it perfect in time, but you know what, I had a good day yesterday and I'm not going to let the fact that I didn't get as much done on a silly essay spoil that :) I don't know if that's the right attitude to take all the time, but right now it's exactly what I need to do.

I had a driving lesson in the morning which was stressful. Nothing bad happened or anything, I just concentrate so hard in lessons that I'm exhausted at the end of it.

But we ended the lesson in town as I had a little bit of shopping to do - supplies for Mother's Day present! I spent over half an hour in the best bead shop ever (Raphael on St Benedict's Street in Norwich - go visit, it's amazing!) trying to pick the perfect colours, which I think I have :) Came away with 400g odd of seed beads - that's a lot of ickle beads :D

I also got through a new bead toy in the post, one of these babies:
It's a bead spinner, given to me by a lovely lady who had no use for it anymore. It helps you thread a lot of ickle beads quickly so you don't have to thread each one singly. I can't wait to have a play, but essay has to come first, and I suppose there's the small detail of needing other materials to come through the post before I can actually make anything with it :P

I also bought a pair of green tights. To go with my orange skirt :) I've been after some for a while but not being one who likes to spend money none of the ones I've seen have been the right price. H&M had the ones I want, and I went in there yesterday to find they were half price :D So I nabbed em. Now the sun needs to come out so I can wear a skirt :D

Today's plan of action is to finish this essay. I can do it, just need to knuckle down and do it. I just had some good brain fodder - boiled eggs and soldiers, so now I better get on with the essay.

Phrase of the day: You can do it! :D


  1. OOh jealous of your bead spinner! Have fun with your beads x

    1. It should be fun, though I can imagine I'm going to end up with beads spinning out of it in all directions resulting with more on the floor than on the wire :P

  2. Do you have the bent needle thingy that goes with the spinner? It is really amazing to see the beads creeping up it. As for the essay, keep at it!

    1. Yeah I do! Do you have a bead spinner too? I'm looking forward to giving it a go :)

      Trying to keep at it. Just reread today's post and saw my ending sentence of 'You can do it!' so that's given me a boost too :)